Sinta Werner
The Problem of Translation, 2012
Wood, chipboard, fabric
Dymension variable
Installation view, Higher Atlas, Marrakech Biennale, Théâtre Royal, Marrakech

Sinta Werner`s installations often include theatrical aspects and share a common aesthetic with stage sets. For the auditorium of Théâtre Royal, an unfinished opera house that reveals its bare concrete structure, she conceived an installation that resembles a scenery setting of sand dunes. The dunes are reproduced several times creating a cloned landscape that follows the existing curved steps at the site. She chose this landscape as a representation of evolution in which movement is orchestrated by nature.

The cloned dunes also refer to digital technology and how it enables endless repeatability of any given shape; they symbolize a natural form re-constructed by algorithms through Cinema 4D, a modeling software. Computer-generated design is becoming ubiquitous, creating our everyday environment, the urban space. For instance, architecture is developed through 3D-software with models resulting from a 3D plotter.