Sinta Werner
Double Reduction, 2010
Large formate slides, glass, mirror
20 x 25 slides each cm

The slide object Double Reduction creates kaleidoscopic reflections by combining different materials and techniques: to begin with, actual mirrors are incorporated, then the large format slide is doubled by its projection; the slides furthermore appear in two duplicates and a folded mirror image.

The motive in this case is the exhibition space itself. The corner of the room is present in three levels of reality, so to speak, as the original, as a transparency, and as a projection. Due to the intangible light-filled nature of the work, not only are the boundaries of the individual components of the work blurred, but obscured also are the semantic levels between real space, the slide itself as an image, and the immaterial projection of the image.

Image as object and the fragmentation of space are the main themes of this project. Consequently, the exhibition space is divided into sections that multiply, similar to the splitting of a cell. There is a movement towards dissolution on the one side, and an action towards growth on the other.